Mobile Salon - Our mobile salon was custom designed specifically for Spa Dog. The mobile spa is equipped with the latest technology and newest equipment available.
Hydrotherapy Bathing System
- We are proud to offer a cutting edge hydrotherapy bathing system that combines the therapeutic concepts of Whirlpool baths and a Jacuzzi spa. Invigorating jet action removes loose hair and dead skin for the healthiest coat possible while massaging away aches and pains.
Advanced Air Circulation System
- To ensure year-round comfort, our spa has central air conditioning and thermostatically controlled heat. Electrical power is supplied by an onboard generator.
Hot Water & Filtered Soft Water
- Our salon is equipped with a hot water heater to ensure a comfortable water temperature for your pet. The water tanks are filled with filtered soft water daily leaving your pets' coat soft, silky and shiny.
Stainless Steel Tub
- Used by veterinarians, this non-bacteria harboring stainless steel surface is smooth, allowing us to effectively sanitize between treatments.



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