You want the best for your pet. Really, you do: manicures, facials, the works. But who wants to torture Fido, or worse your feline friend Fluffy, with the CAR? Wouldn’t she rather have her grooming done at home?

With Spa Dog, she can, Spa Dog is a mobile grooming service that brings all of the treatments pets need – and a few they don’t even know they need – direct to your driveway. All services are provided inside Spa Dog’s impeccably clean and well-appointed van, from baths to blow-drys and beyond. The standard package ($90.00) includes a doggy or kitty massage, organic shampoo, conditioner and nail and ear care.

Spa Dog owner Steve Ogden says he has many regulars with weekly or biweekly appointments, and some even look forward to their visits. “Their owners might work a lot, and the pets feel like I’m coming to visit them,” he says. Some specialty services include tear-stain removal (especially helpful for fluffy with pups like bichon frises) and nail buffing, which Ogden says some clients prefer to trimming (which can be a bit traumatic).

Like their human counterparts, pampered pets don’t want to leave the spa looking less than gorgeous, so each pet is outfitted with a bandanna or bow and spoiled with a purrfect souvenir – a treat or a soft toy – to make sure the associate the experience with that warm fuzzy feeling. To schedule an appointment, call 323.876.2525, or visit - JG